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“The more I practice, the luckier I get”

Ben Hogan

Small Business Coaching and Workshops


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Here is what business coaching can do for you:

  • •  Help you develop a clear vision of what you must do to reach your business goals.
  • •  Develop the marketing and selling skills needed so you consistently bring in quality new
  • •  Acquire a specific understanding of your business numbers enabling you to build a sustainable business model, one that is repeatable.
  • •  Adoption of a systematic approach to improve your business skills, one at a time
  • •  Blend the characteristics of a successful business owner with the technical know-how required so you can deliver on the promises you made to yourself when you first started your business.

No doubt you thought about going into business in order to build a better life. Making that dream a reality involves earning the rewards of making good money and feeling proud of what you do. Let us help you build a business that works for you and provides you that better life.

3 Simple Steps to Business Success:

Step 1 Schedule a FREE Business Consultation

Step 2 Meet for a Laser Needs Assessment

Step 3 Receive a Personalized Plan of Action

What is a Laser Needs Assessment?

You are unique and deserve a customized plan to help you achieve your business goals. During our meeting, we will ask laser-like questions to determine where you are right now, and where you want to go with your business.

We will then recommend a 30 day plan of action. You will receive enough information during this initial meeting to decide if you can, and want to, commit to the 30 day plan. That gives you enough time to experience the process and see the results that will help you decide if personal business success coaching is the right thing for you.

Let’s go ahead and schedule your Laser Needs Assessment. We can be reached at (408) 378-9500 or by completing the form at Contact Us.