Dan Lutchansky CPA
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“The secret is to see the truth of what is in front of you and not let your fears stop you from acting on what you see.”

Dan Lutchansky, Author
Getting in Business to Stay

President Lincoln


About Us!



Dan Lutchansky

Dan Lutchansky has been making small business owners more profitable for over twenty-five years as both an advisor and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He started his career with one of the largest accounting firms in the world. Dan has taught thousands of people in his workshops and classes on how to find customers, manage employees and count the money. He is a dynamic, entertaining, educational speaker, and the author of “Getting in Business to Stay.”

Tracy A. LeBlanc

Tracy A. LeBlanc is an award-winning salesperson, trainer and public speaker. Most recently as a first time small business owner, she turned around a bankrupt retail operation and achieved one million dollars in sales in less than two years. Tracy joined our team after selling her business for a healthy profit. You can count on Tracy to help you achieve your business goals quickly. She is the copy editor of “Getting in Business to Stay.”

Linda J. Fong
Chief Financial Officer

Linda J. Fong has been with the company since inception after ten years of continued success in the highly complex biotechnology and healthcare industries. She has performed admirably wherever needed including business development, event planning and accounting. Not only does she count and understand our money, she serves as the virtual bookkeeper handling the financial operations for several special clients. She is the development editor of “Getting in Business to Stay.”